My devotion to stained glass -1

I began working in stained glass twenty three years ago. Already 23 years have passed, still, for 23 years, time has gone by so quickly!

Looking back over my career, I realize my views, beliefs and ideas about stained glass have been subtly changing over that period.

I had to change my way of thinking depending on my circumstances. However, I can confidently say that I always looked forward with positive thinking when I was working in stained glass.

I have experienced a lot of sadness, pain and things that made me want to give up.
It would be endless if I started to mention each of my experiences ………
But, being able to work as a stained glass artist is a gift – it has given me so much joy, pleasure and happiness that I have been able to overcome sadness and hardship.

When I first started to work in stained glass, I was driven by ambtion.
I exhausted a lot of youthful energy working late into the night, biting the bullet undauntedly.
I had a severe situation…..I did not have many commissions and was extremely poor.
I was frustrated. I became blind to my own faults and behaved as if I was the only righteous person in the world and I even became a quarrelsome person.
I was an immature and unpleasant guy (I now regret it.).

In those days I depicted only images of my frustration in stained glass works.
I just wanted to express my honest feeling as much as I could.
Thus, I was able to keep my balance by expressing my feeling in works and letting my frustration out under such a severe condition.
It was not a good attitude at all.

What supported me in those days was my unfulfilled dream.
I wanted to brush up my design skill and work techniques and get an establish position in the stained glass world. I was too selfish to take care of my family. I never realized this dream would be made possible by the assistance of my family who supported me.
I thought only about myself. I feel ashamed of my egoistical behavior.

I think the distorted negative energy was the only source of my vitality in those days.