My devotion to stained glass -2

I was hungry to discover and learn more about stained glass, I wanted to know all about it.
I accepted everything I saw or heard with delight and tried to connect it to stained glass work. My working life was devoted to absorbing knowledge about stained glass.

There were failures and disappointments every day, at times it was like running into a stone wall………..
However, one day I realized that these experiences would eventually bring me a big fortune; my failures and hardships molded my future work.
Regrettably , I realized this very late and wasted a lot of energy and time because I did not understand the importance of this way of learning.
I still spend a lot of money to cover my failures. I don’t know when I could stop making such a wasteful investment on myself!

I would have had learned a great deal more quickly if I had had excellent teachers.
I had to learn it on my own, which was very time consuming.
However, it was beneficial in the long run as I was able to learn by myself how to express my ideas in glass more truthfully; this created a good basis for a career in stained glass.

Stained glass work will not hold attention if it is not impressive, merely well designed.
There is no point to make such works.
I want my works to give kind and pleasant messages to people, no matter how unsophisticated and unskillful they are.
It would be wonderful if I could keep contact with people and stained glass without losing my pure and natural heart.