My devotion to stained glass -4

The work exhibited at the Second Japan Stained Glass Grand Show in 1984.

Establishing classes greatly contributed to the spread of stained glass in Japan.

“New Glass” – I was shocked when I first saw this book.
A new wave surged into Japan from overseas at a time when old design was still regarded as best.

In those days I think many people were inspired by this book, which triggered off the opening of contemporary design in Japan.
I imagine artists gifted with sharp sensitivity were fed up with old design and jumped at new design all at once.

This phenomenon was exemplified at “the First Japan Stained glass Grand Show in 1983”, which was held at the Nomura Building, a ultra-high-rise in Nishi Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.
Seeing this was a culture shock for me.

It is not too much to say that the new design undercut the foundation of stained glass industry in Japan.
The new wave which erupted from “New Glass” has turned into reality.
I felt a heated atmosphere at the exhibition hall which I can’t express in words.
Young artists with creative minds and sharp sensitivity from all over Japan presented many works using new designs and experimental ideas.
It was a shock to me!
To be honest I felt I was left behind.
Especially I took my hat off to Mr. S for his excellent pieces.

I had never felt more keenly that I had been disadvantaged by living in Fukuoka, which is far away from the center of stained glass.
I yearned to make works as good as those ones exhibited and present my work with theirs at the following year’s exhibition.
I managed to exhibit my work the following year, but I doubt whether my work was as good as other artists’.

This was the time when I could set clear goal in my stained glass work.
I can never forget the shock I experienced then!
The above is my work presented at the Grand Show in 1984.